Friday, August 22, 2008

A Farmhouse Tour

Well, no longer do we live here--our farm season ended after three years (four summers). But now we have this album to remind us of all the fun and all the work and how blessed we were to live upon 4 acres in the countryside for a portion of our lives together.

(Click to enlarge any photo.)

The Sleeping Porch where I spent many sunny days.

Hydrangea bush at a corner of the porch.

Step into the front door and you'll be inside the living room:

And just beyond, through the pocket doors, is the dining room.

Keep going and you'll find the kitchen.

(We later replaced the gold flooring in this photo and in the pantry.)

Be sure to note the groovy orange counter tops. heh. We'd planned to change those, but never did!

To the right, here's our baking pantry, built-in cabinets are on the left.

Now here's a quick peek at the downstairs master bedroom, which is awfully small for a 'master' anything.

Now, back in the kitchen we'll take the closet stairs...

... to this middle room--

... and then to the upstairs guest room:

(Loved its coziness.)

Then back through the middle room to The Little Blue Room. Never did make it a half-bath as we'd planned  (oh the plans of mice and men. heh.)

Now back down the stairs, out the back door....take a long-ish walk...

... and you'll step into the back meadow, home of wildflowers, rabbits, garter snakes and lots of tiny frogs and toads.

Back closer to the house you'll find the garden.

Beside it, the barn and patio.

Our barn loft.

Behind the barn is the Bunny Pasture, where bunnies hop and frogs jump out of the way of my lawnmower. Well, usually they make it in time...

In front of the garden, the orchard. (Photo taken before the barn makeover.)

On the sunny side of the house.

Back on the north side, the driveway, which I enjoyed pretending was a country road while I strolled to the mailbox.

And the huge crab apple tree outside the bay window where we hung birdfeeders and where we watched the birds shove each other away from the food. :)

 I hope you enjoyed your visit! Our three years there were an adventure, our 'farming season,' and we'll always be grateful God gave us our farm days.